Name: Shirayuki Himeno
Kanji: 姫野白太郎
Rōmaji: Himeno Haku Tarō
Occupation: Student

Part time worker

Summary Edit

Shirayuki is a student who supports her family, she's good looking, good academically, a good cook, and a overall all rounder.

Personality Edit

Himero Shirayuki is a gentle kind, dependent girl whom supports her family. she does't hold grudges and is a all rounder.

Appearance Edit

She Has Light, blond hair, pale skin, kind crimson eyes and a small dainty smile. Her hair is long and wavy, she also has bangs and a fringe. She has a white lace headpiece and usually wears white and green. She had a curvy body and is about over 150cm tall. She is good looking as She wins first prize in episode 3's beauty pageant with 433 votes.

History Edit

Himeno Shirayuki is Ringo Akai's half sister (they share fathers). After Ringo's mother drove her family away from their house she alone was left to look after her seven younger siblings. To support her family she works several part-time jobs.

When Ringo Discovered what her family had done to Himeno's she became independent of her parents and lived alone, as she felt guilty, embarrassed and responsible for Himeno's family situation. Himeno held no bad feelings towards Ringo however, as she understood it was not her fault. Overtime they rekindled their friendship.

Notes Edit

-Himeno's character was based off Snow White, her siblings are the Seven Dwarfs, Ringo's Little Red Riding Hood (and the poison apple), and Ringo's mother is the Evil Queen from Snow White.

-She won the beauty pageant in episode 3.

-She lives alone with her seven siblings (four brothers and three sisters)