Nekomiya Saburou
Japanese name: 猫宮 三郎
Romanized name: Nekomiya Saburō
English name: Saburou Nekomiya
First Appearance:
Gender: Male
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Kaji, Yuki
English VA: Jewell, Jerry
Korean VA:

A Third-year at Otogi Academy described by as a "Pretty Boy." ,according to the trademark narrator. Knowledgeable about Ryoushi and the Otogi Bank, he takes it upon himself to train Ryoushi believing that he is in an indirect way protecting Okami/ Ryouko in place of himself for the past. Despite his endless effort to train the protagonist/screw up character Ryoushi, his motive is still unclear. Its later shown that he acknowledges Ryoushi as Okami/ Ryoukos lover or at least love interest and respects him for his endless loyalty to protect her.

The aforementioned instance is shown indirectly in a flashback in episode 6. Here, he is an anonymous boy approached by a group of thugs who demand his wallet, though ran away when Ryouko confronted said thugs.

He has a catlike mannerism (speech habits i;e making word puns like, "puurfect" or saying meow nya etc) and appearance ( neko or cat ears). He is a skilled fighter who easily subdues Ryoushi ,  mainly attacking using high jump kicks and his trademark steel tipped shoes. He is based on the fairy tale character "Puss in Boots."

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