She wins second prize in episode 3's beauty pageant.

Nicknamed Momo-chan-senpai, she is disciplinary committee member of Otogi High School, who happens to be well endowed (in the chest area). She is bisexual and will sometimes make suggestive passes at Ryouko, while using her 'dumplings' (or well-endowed chest) to get assistance from naive boys.She is 171cm tall.

She is based on the titular character from the Japanese tale Momotarō, and is often accompanied by a trio of students whose names and appearances are based on the Monkey, Dog and Pheasant that accompany Momotaro on his journeys.

She has a senpai named Inuzuka.


While males in general flock to her, she has a group of 3 particular underlings who follow her around more often, and aid her in the episode 11 battle.